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In becoming one of the top retail general contractors in the central United States, we realize that our success hinges on the abilities and performances of our subcontractors, as a majority of the work that the client and public see is produced by our subcontractors. We strive to utilize the top performance-based subcontractors nationwide in order to achieve the high standard of success that our clients have come to expect from Crane Construction-led projects. Working with Crane affords the ability to work for a range of clients, from family-owned businesses to class-leading Fortune 500 companies. If your firm is interested in becoming a part of our subcontractor network for bidding opportunities, please fill out and submit the ‘Request for Qualifications’ online form found below.

Current Bidding Opportunities

Crane Construction utilizes iSQFT as our bid solicitation and plan documentation and distribution tool. A list of projects that Crane is currently bidding may be found by clicking on the link below. If you are interested in bidding on one of these projects and have not already received an Invitation to Bid from our firm for the particular project, please send an email to info@crane‐ indicating your interest in bidding that project and project document access will be provided to your firm through iSQFT.


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Please complete the following form concerning your firm. Please fill out as much of the information below as possible. Please feel free to attach brochures, literature, other information that you feel is necessary to describe your firm when submitting this Request for Qualifications.

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